Draft law on gas market functioning contains corruption risks – Voitsitska

The draft law on functioning of the gas market, which is crucial for enabling the law “On gas market”, contains a number of corruption risks and non-transparent procedures. This was reported by the Secretary of the Committee on Energy, Viktoriia Voitsitska, commenting on the text of the bill №3325 which will be considered at the next sessional week.

“In terms of creating conditions for the use of public gas distribution networks the draft law provides a non-transparent scheme involving an unknown so far monopolistic structure which in the manual mode will manage state property worth billions of euros and funs in the amount of hundreds of millions euros annually. Such an approach is unacceptable and the proposed by the bill changes to the laws “On pipeline transport” and “On lease of state and municipal property” should not be adopted,” she said.

As explained by the deputy, introduction of the corresponding amendments will adversely affect consumers, in the first place, since the public discussion on the scheme of fair and cost-effective use of public gas distribution network hasn’t yet finished, and the results of it should be translated into a single legislative act.

A new system of relations in the gas market has to solve the problem of efficient use of public gas distribution networks, to modernize and save them, and bring professionals back to regional gas companies.

“The bill lacks thorough revision and expert community assessment,” summed up the MP.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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