The bill on special confiscation intends to save Yanukovych’s fortune – “Samopomich”

“Samopomich” insists on introducing amendments to the bill on special confiscation. The faction’s members say that this law may be used in the perspective of redistribution of property or legalization of raiding in Ukraine.

“The current version of the bill will let anybody, even Yanukovych himself, appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to revoke the decision of the Ukrainian court, and thus actually to legalize their incomes,” said Serhiy Kiral, “Samopomich” MP.

In addition, the bill on special confiscation so far applies to past regimes only. Therefore, “Samopomich” insists on amending the bill, so that the stolen property of the today’s and those potential corruptionists could be confiscated as well.

Meanwhile, some leaflets stating that allegedly “Samopomich” blocks channeling of Yanukovych’s arrested money into the state budget have appeared in Lviv. “It’s the typical style of our opponents, to call white black and vice versa. They are stealing the money for the army, and say that “Samopomich” is to be blamed. They are not allocating money for education blaming Sadovyi, and so on. These leaflets having no imprint and not stating who is the ordering customer indicate the beginning of a very dirty political season that is awaiting us,” concluded Serhiy Kiral.

Serhij Kiral
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