Law №2757 will primarily affect not the oligarchs, but small and medium businesses – Sydorovych

The “Samopomich” Union faction did not support the draft law №2757 (on reducing the quorum of the general meeting of the participants of a limited liability company), as it poses a threat not to the oligarchs, but above all to small and medium-sized businesses.

This was stated by MP from the “Samopomich” Union faction, member of the Committee on Legal Policy Ruslan Sydorovych.

“It is necessary to clearly distinguish between joint stock companies, which are mainly controlled by the oligarchs, and limited liability companies, which are the most common form of association for small and medium business,” he stressed.

The MP has noted that the current rate of 60% of the quorum of the general meeting of the limited liability company protects the minority shareholders. A reduction in the quorum to 50% for LLC, as provided by the bill №2757, can lead to massive raider attacks on businesses.

“As an example – the so-called law on “Ukrnafta”, which we defended. It concerns the quorum required for joint stock companies, and it is directed precisely on de-oligarchization. The main purpose of it was to give the state an opportunity to get its money, which in the time of war, instead of going to the state budget, goes to the oligarchs-owners,” explains the MP.

In addition, the fraction was cautious about the time limits of the transitional provisions.

“The draft law provides three months to shift to the new rules. It is too little for the entrepreneurs to physically organize the renewal of documents,” said Sydorovych.

Given this, the faction decided to abstain in the consideration of the bill in the hall.

“If we say that it is the small and medium business that should be the basis of the country’s economy, we shouldn’t complicate its life giving the green light to raiders,” said the deputy.

Ruslan Sydorovych
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