Protection of children and women means secure future of Ukraine, Iryna Sysoyenko

Today, on the occasion of International Children’s Day “Samopomich” Union” faction MPs, Iryna Sysoyenko and Anna Romanova, reminded of a number of bills aimed at supporting children and mothers, which have not yet been considered by the Verkhovna Rada.

To prevent rather than cure – this should be the basic principle of government programs, the “Samopomich” deputies note. To do this, we must develop the institute of pediatrics, which is not done in Ukraine, unlike other European countries. After all, it is pediatrician who can notice first manifestations of a disease or assign the necessary preventive measures. Today, 80% of pupils leave school having health problems, there are cases of death of pupils during physical education classes. All this testifies to the fact that public health protection programs are not effective.

So far MPs from the “Samopomich” Union” faction have proposed several bills to improve the situation with the children’s health. The bill number 4458 provides for reforming the system of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, as well as developing a number of programs for mental and physical rehabilitation of children from the zone of the antiterrorist operation. Speaking of children’s health, we must not forget about the conditions for caring for them. Therefore, “Samopomich” MPs suggest reducing working hours for mothers of children under the age of 3. Moreover, in the case of adoption of this bill, women will have the right to apply to their employer with the requirement to provide the conditions for breast-feeding.

Also Iryna Sysoyenko emphasized that a baby’s health depends on the conditions of its birth as well. Therefore, it is necessary to find means to open perinatal centers in six regions of the country as soon as possible.

It is necessary to protect children not only on June 1 but throughout the year, said Anna Romanova. Therefore, “Samopomich” Union” steers its work in the direction of support for mothers and healthy young generation.”

Iryna SysoienkoAnna Romanova
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