Aggravation of the crisis will lead to frustration among people and destruction of the country – Soboliev

If the votes in the parliament are again collected with the help of the ex-regionals, then we will have to declare the existence of a Yanukovych-Poroshenko coalition and a Yatseniuk-Liovochkin one, not the European Ukraine coalition.

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” faction Yehor Soboliev.

At the same time, according to the MP, continuation of endless recrimination in the current situation will only lead to further disillusionment of people; therefore, it is necessary to try to restore the coalition.

“We must use every opportunity to go forward. If we dismiss the Prosecutor General and appoint a truly new one – this will be a great progress; if we appoint a real Minister of the Internal Affairs, who will work honestly along with the new police – this will be a progress; if we can muster real judges again – this will be a real victory for the country. And for this matter we must try to recover the European Ukraine coalition,” he states.

If this doesn’t succeed, according to Soboliev, then it would mean that the country really needs another parliament. At the same time, he notes that new parliamentary election is far from being a cure-all.

“People will again choose the same representatives, albeit in different proportions. And then what? Once again we will have to sit down and try to unite in order to make decisions. Therefore, now it is better to use every possibility and finally show the results,” said the deputy.

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