“Behind an “open budget” of the Kyiv City State Administration opaque processes are hidden,” Hapchuk

Maksym Hapchuk, a deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction, refutes the statement of Nikonov that the “open budget” project was effective.

Maksym Hapchuk: “What is now presented on the new.kievcity.gov.ua portal in an “open budget” section – is only a visualization of the flow of funds with the detailed information about chief controllers and budget items. This is the first stage of the whole project. One still cannot see for what exactly and to whom the budget funds were transferred”.

To explain the problem clearly Hapchuk cites the example of the maximum destalinization of the expenditures of the Department of Health: “this shows that actually there are 3.4 billion UAH more expenditures than according to the plan. All that you can see, that is on what these funds were spent, can be seen at the print screen. That is we see there was an overlimit on “hospitals”, on “major construction works” and on “land acquisition”, but what specifically that is – we can’t see”.

Hapchuk intends to further investigate the issue and plans to make parliamentary inquiries on this issue.

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