At the initiative of Samopomich healthcare industry representatives will tackle the problems of the industry ignored by the authorities

“In any European country medicine is a social priority, and only in Ukraine the healthcare is paid least attention to. When it comes to reforming the passivity and indifference of our government are surprising. For more than a year the country has been waiting for systemic changes, but neither officials nor the government have managed to take any effective and meaningful steps. The issue of health reforming failed to go into action,” said MP from “Samopomich”, Iryna Sysoyenko, at the Medical Forum of Kyiv region initiated by her.

Despite the fact that the government ignores the issues of medicine so blatantly, the fact that no candidacy of Minister of Health was submitted to the newly established government, doctors, public figures, scientists and experts decided to tackle the problems of the industry on their own. Medical Forum of Kyiv region should be the beginning of implementation of the necessary changes, and further joint work and joint efforts should bring results in the near future. We hope that Kyiv region will be an example for other regions in terms of implementation of regional medical programs,” said Iryna Sysoyenko.

The Forum was attended by Advisor to the Lithuanian Minister of Health, Janina Kumpiene. The issues of reforming of Ukrainian medicine and primary care were discussed. Special attention was paid to the problems of creation of emergency medical assistance and trauma centres at the roads of international importance in Kyiv region, to the issues of prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the region, the problems of reproductive medicine and protection of children’s health.

Iryna Sysoyenko is convinced that the effective mechanisms elaborated during the Forum will be the basis for implementation of the long-awaited changes in medicine in the region and whole Ukraine, and Kyiv region will be the leader in implementation of reforms in the health system.

Iryna Sysoienko
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