At the initiative of Samopomich the State Fiscal Service issued an order limiting the possibilities of undue pressure on the Ukrainian business

People’s deputy of Samopomich faction, Andriy Zhurzhiy, addressed the Minister of Finance and Chairman of the State Fiscal Service with the issue of introducing changes to the order regulating the deadlines for transferring the materials of the inspection from the tax authorities to the SFS units, which are carrying out the investigation.

“These statistics in 2015 show that in more than 99% of cases the investigators of the tax police departments put information about a crime into the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations under Art. 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the basis of the inspection report, while in 85% of cases it is decided to cease the criminal proceedings due to the absence of event and/or components of crime.

Since the Verkhovna Rada has failed the bill №3448, aimed at legislative regulation of the issue, and it is now being reviewed by the committee, I have addressed the Ministry of Economy and the SFS with an initiative to introduce such changes in order to prevent the undue pressure on the Ukrainian business on the part of the State Fiscal Service,” says Andriy Zhurzhiy.

Consequently, according to the SFS order of July 18, the materials of an inspection are to be transmitted from the tax authorities to the SFS units within 20 working days following the approval of the decision notices on defining a monetary obligation, that is the end of the administrative and judicial review.

Andrij Zhurzhij
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