Ihor Yukhnovskyi supported Andriy Sadovyi

Academician Ihor Yukhnovskyi supported Andriy Sadovyi in his campaign for the post of mayor of Lviv:

“Sadovyi found those priorities that should be pursued in Lviv. There are primarily IT and education. I am very glad that he has made great efforts to ensure that all the schools in the city are brought to order. Those modern methods of school education promoted by the modern mayor will certainly bring very good results, and we will have very intelligent graduates of secondary schools and universities.

If I see that the city mayor is a person who begins to respect science and education, who is trying to develop education, then I understand that the city has a future. So I ask everyone not to delude themselves and vote for Sadovyi.”

Academician Yukhnovskyi also commented on the allegations recently brought against Sadovyi on cooperation with the FSB, “I consider such vilification to be absolutely illegal, incompetent, irresponsible, and dishonest. I think that the head of the city knows what to do. Ukrainians, get over yourself! Stop denigrating each other. I called Mr. Sadovyi and said that I would support him. And I think he will actually benefit from all this criticism against him.”

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