If the President does not want to change the CEC, the Parliament has to do this, Yehor Soboliev

As you know, the Central Election Commission’s term of service has expired long ago.

The President is neglecting his duty making no submission to the Verkhovna Rada on appointment of new members of the CEC; despite the fact that all parliamentary factions have long ago filed their candidacies.

An indicative fact. Back in April the Opposition bloc replaced all six candidates, which they had recommended by then, with just one – Mr. Okhendovskyi.

“What the President does not want to do – shall be done by the Parliament. Therefore, at a meeting of the parliamentary factions’ representatives, “Samopomich” insisted on adopting the law elaborated on the initiative of Oksana Syroid which terminates the powers of CEC headed by Okhendovskyi,” Yehor Soboliev said.

Yehor Sobolev
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