If a law on amnesty comes into force, even the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation will be able to receive “indulgence” – Semenchenko

If the Parliament amends the Constitution to ensure elections in the occupied territories, the next step will be a total amnesty for the Russian military and separatists. This was stated by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Semen Semenchenko.

According to the deputy, the international partners are already talking about the importance of holding elections in the occupied territories along with the all-Ukrainian local elections, the one on October 25. And the prerequisite for such elections is amnesty.

“Nobody mentions that a cynical condition for holding the local elections in Donbas is amnesty for serious criminals. This is a tough requirement of the item №5 of the Minsk Agreement, and the appropriate steps have already been taken! This refers to the so-called amnesty law (bill №5082 from September 16, 2014),” said the MP.

Semenchenko notes that, according to the law on amnesty, even such serious crimes as terrorism financing, initiation and conduct of war, torturing, hostage-taking, looting, use of mercenaries in armed conflicts, as well as violence against people in the military operation zone, and people smuggling across borders – will be absolved.

“For example – Chief of General Staff of the Russian Federation Valery Gerasimov who was charged under the article 437 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (planning, preparation, initiation and waging of aggressive war). After this law is signed, even he can be absolved. We shall remind that he is one of the accused in the Ilovaisk tragedy, the one mentioned by the military prosecutor at the briefing,” explains the MP.

If the law on amnesty of individuals will enter into force in its present form, the deputies of the “Samopomich” Union faction will introduce a bill that will not allow the people who carried out serious crimes to avoid responsibility, said Semen Semenchenko.

Semen Semenchenko
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