IMF demands gave impetus to reforms, – Ostrikova

The expectation of the IMF’s decision accelerated the adoption of a number of important laws. This was stated by the deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Tetiana Ostrikova on air of Channel 5.

She noted that the deputies had begun to adopt the laws necessary to obtain money from the IMF before the new year – during the consideration of the budget for 2015 and the reform of the tax legislation.

“In early March, the work continued. And a number of laws, including the law on liability of the banks owners, were quickly considered and adopted right because we were expecting the decision of the IMF”, – noted Ostrikova.

This law regulates the issues of the banking system controlling and doesn’t allow the bank owners to transfer financial responsibility to the National Bank.

“Let us speak frankly – such laws affect the owners of large capitals. Therefore, there could have been long debates in the Parliament on the adoption of this bill. However, we were able to consolidate and vote for this law,” – said Tetiana Ostrikova.

In her opinion, on the whole, the Parliament has proven that it can work effectively, and this factor also had a positive impact on the decision of the International Monetary Fund.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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