Mayoral elections in Kryvyi Rih held with mass violations – Soboliev

A representative of the staff of candidate for the post of mayor Semen Semenchenko, MP from the “Samopomich” Union faction, Yehor Soboliev, declared that the mayoral elections in Kryvyi Rih were held with massive violations.

“Our observers, who are present at each ballot station today, recorded the following violations: due to watchful voters the facts of bribing at polling stations were established, as well as phantom voters in the lists and a pen with “vanishing” ink,” Yehor Soboliev said.

The largest number of violations, according to Yehor Soboliev, is connected with bussing of people to the polls. This is a violation of the requirement 4 of the chapter 60 of the Law “On local elections”, according to which it is prohibited to conduct election campaigning which is accompanied by the provision of services free of charge or on favorable terms.

“Let’s be frank. Even our statements about falsification of the mayoral elections in Kryvyi Rih in November 2015 remained virtually unexamined. The key statement was not investigated by the police; on top of that, the criminal proceeding was ceased. Then, one of the “Samopomich” activists made the police resume the investigation. In the framework of the supervision of deputies, on Monday I visited the police and the prosecutor’s office that is in charge of the investigation. But what I saw does not make a good impression. They are assuring us that everything is done within the law, but there are no results, let alone the falsificators to be served with charges. It is a great misfortune and a trend that began in Ukraine after the election of Poroshenko. Each new election brings more and more violations of the law,” summed up Yehor Soboliev.

“Samopomich” believes this is a great tragedy in fact. This is the trend which began in Ukraine when President Poroshenko was elected. Each new election brings more brazen, more blatant violations of the law,” says candidate for the mayoral post Semen Semenchenko.

“The first one to start this shameful practice in the modern history of Ukraine was Poroshenko’s ally – Berezenko in Chernihiv. Then it went en masse at many local elections.

Kryvyi Rih took up the baton of violations, falsifications, bribing, and dishonest campaigning. We place the entire responsibility for such elections, such campaigning upon the current President of Ukraine and upon the appointed by him heads of the Prosecutor’s Office and Security Service. We believe that people will win anyway. People will defend their rights anyway, and this will happen both in Kryvyi Rih and throughout Ukraine. We encourage all Kryvyi Rih inhabitants who have not yet come to the polls, have not voted – not to give their right to govern the city, their right to be free people, to be citizens and to be sure to vote by the end of the day,” he urged.

Yehor SobolevSemen Semenchenko
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