Elections to local councils in 2015

Number of “Samopomich” followers in Ukraine is growing rapidly. And it is very important for us that all members of our Union comply with those standards of public life, politics which we are trying to introduce in Ukraine – namely Christian ethics, common sense in politics and strong communities building.

We offer an open approach to the formation of electoral lists. That is: “Samopomich” offers people themselves to assess those candidates who have agreed to represent “Samopomich”, and to participate in the discussion of these candidates.

Our requirements to the candidates willing to represent “Samopomich”:

– These must be people with impeccable reputation (no criminal record, no relations to the facts of corruption, political scams or questionable relations)

– Honest in the conduct of affairs (social, political, business)

– Active in public life of your city

– Not members of the Communist Party or the Party of Regions

A list of our candidates can be found on the webpage – Elections 2015. Information is being updated.

If you have any comments on the “Samopomich” candidates or you want to tell us some information about them – write to [email protected] or call from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm by phone: (044) 206 56 65

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