Vice Speaker addressed the nation about the proposed changes to the Constitution

The proposed changes to the Constitution are beneficial to all but the Ukrainians, and can lead to authoritarianism and a civil war. This was stated by Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroid in her address.

“The Constitution is the property of the people, not the politicians. Politicians can amend it only in two cases: if they want to make the state stronger, or to better secure the rights and freedoms of people,” she said.

Syroid stresses that politicians have no right to amend the Constitution if the people don’t know and don’t understand the proposed changes, and if these changes are made under the pressure of the aggressor state which, due to such changes, wants to conquer Ukraine legally from within.

“It was to make us change our Constitution that Russia started the war with Ukraine. Russia strives for a special procedure of the local government in the occupied territories to grant amnesty to militants and thus to conquer us from within,” says the MP.

She adds that such changes cannot be adopted, since their adoption would mean the recognition of the fact that in Ukraine there is a civil war, not the military aggression from outside.

“Russia has made our international partners agree to such changes that are beneficial to all but the very Ukrainians. And the President took advantage of such a pressure to strengthen his powers by means of amendments to the Constitution. In the text of the proposed changes on decentralization – no additional powers for the communities are provided, instead there are regulations that make the communities more dependent on the President,” said the Vice-Speaker.

Syroid also emphasizes that in the draft amendments there is nothing about substitution of the corrupt judges, which means that justice in the country will furtherly be rendered by those who have lost the trust of the people.

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Constitutional reform