The war with Putin in Donbas is exactly for the rights that are being sold for foods at district 205 – Soboliev

The most disgusting thing about the situation at the 205th electoral districts is that under the banner of “UKROP” democracy is being sold. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Chairman of the Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption Yehor Soboliev.

“When people’s rights to choose their own power are bought for buckwheat, this denigrates all the principles for which we have fought. The responsibility for this lies with “UKROP” candidate Korban, and Berezenko, who is the candidate of the government,” says the MP.

Soboliev says that the war with Putin in the Donbas is precisely for those rights that are easily sold in Chernihiv.

In addition, the MP emphasizes the risk that the dirty campaign will cause apathy to politics among citizens, and the turnout at the districts will be extremely low. This will open up additional loopholes for fraud on the day of voting and vote counting.

According to him, it is obvious that neither the Prosecutor General’s Office, nor the Central Electoral Commission, nor the judicial authorities intend to stop the arbitrariness  at the 205th district, and these are only the very Chernihiv residents who can remedy the situation.

“As it was during Euromaidan, when the government’s actions showed that there was no state – people took control. So it is now – everything is in the hands of Chernihiv residents. Despite everything, they can figure out who is who, which candidates’ words do not meet the actions,” said Yehor Soboliev.

Yehor Sobolev
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