Open letter to Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Mr. Yuriy Lutsenko

Dear Mr. Lutsenko,

Two and a half years ago, Ukrainians took to the streets to say “no” to the blood-shedding and criminal regime of Yanukovych. They did so to become free, and they won being unarmed. Due to the Revolution of Dignity Ukraine got a chance to become a truly independent and free country. The Heavenly hundred and thousands of Ukrainian soldiers at the front gave their lives for this freedom. As the result of Russian aggression more than ten thousand Ukrainian civilians have been killed and millions of people have become refugees being deprived of their home because of the war.

That is why it is impossible to watch without disgust the impunity of those who sent “titushky” to beat to death the Maidan participants in Kharkiv and Kyiv, those who called in “Russian spring” in Kharkiv under the Russian flags. Those people who tried to bring the war to Kharkiv don’t only remain unpunished, they are actually governing the city continuing the shameless “splitting up” of the city budget and presenting themselves almost as the “saviors” and “conscience of the nation”. I am speaking of, first of all, the mayor of Kharkiv – Hennadiy Kernes.

Having recovered from the fright after the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, the defeat of “Russian spring” in Kharkiv, and the flight of his terrorist partners from “Oplot”, Hennadiy Kernes continues to “rule” and “get things done” as he used to in the days of Yanukovych. Again there is no access to the information about the city budget expenditures, the budget is being “carved up” between his fellow business partners, including those doing business in the occupied Crimea. Again his political opponents are facing rudeness and threats. Elections are being grossly falsified again. Public media have turned into a mouthpiece of the dirty propaganda against the democratic forces in the best traditions of the regime of Yanukovych; moreover, these media do not hesitate to refer to the publications of the separatists and supporters of the invaders in the so-called DNR/LNR. Decommunization has been turned into a farce. It will be no wonder if soon Kernes prohibits rallies of the democratic parties in the city or blocks the streets with trams and trolleybuses, as it was in the days of Euromaidan.

Despite the obvious facts, almost none of the crimes committed by Kernes and his henchmen are being investigated. Perhaps with some representatives of the authorities political expediency prevailed over conscience and the need to comply with the laws, as a result of which they “got things done” with people like Kernes.

Dear Mr. Lutsenko! I believe that you do have the will to force the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out a full and impartial investigation into the crimes against Ukraine committed by Yanukovych and his clique, in particular, his loyalist Hennadiy Kernes. I believe that life of each and every Euromaidan participant is more valuable for you than any political expediency. Impunity of people who are in fact murderers and butches is betrayal of not only of the Heavenly hundred; this is betrayal of all generations of fighters for Ukraine’s independence. I am sure you will not allow impunity for modern “Kosiors” and “Chubars”.

Much can be attributed to the time of formation, to the time of war, to “it’s better not torock the boat”. But the memory of those who died for our freedom is sacred. We owe them. An honest investigation of the crimes of Yanukovych times is the least that we must do for them.

Yours faithfully, Roman Semenukha

Roman Semenuha
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