On May 30 at Hrybovychi landfill near Lviv a tragedy happened: first, a fire broke out, and then while putting out the fire some rescuers were killed.

Now the situation is complicated by the risk of another shift and, therefore, a threat to the reservoirs with infiltrate. No less of a problem is garbage removal from the city which is currently taken to other landfills in the area. But this is a temporary solution that can also be scuttled because of political manipulations and pressure on mayors.

“Samopomich” faction officially declares:

1. People must not suffer. We call on urgent recognition of Lviv, Malekhiv and Hrybovychi as an environmental disaster area and allocating resources of the state to protect the people.

2. The tragedy which occurred in Lviv can occur anywhere due to the lack of public policy regarding waste treatment and recycling. Over the past 25 years the state has not even come close to understanding of waste management philosophy. Today Ukraine has 12.5 billion tons of waste. The total area of ​​all officially registered landfills is about 9500 km2 (it is larger than the area of ​​Chernivtsi region!). That means that 2% of the territory of Ukraine is occupied by waste. It is only the central government that can come up with a solution for the state. We call on the government to organize the process of preparing an integrated vision and state regulation of waste management as soon as possible.

3. Lviv has already got an integrated solution – it is a 40 million euro loan for the city (30 million for reclamation of Hrybovychi landfill and 10 million – for construction of a waste advanced processing plant). The project launched 3 years ago has been under approval of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine for two months. The promptness of its approval will either mark the birth of the state policy in relation to waste disposal or will be an evidence of its absence. We appeal to the Prime Minister to expedite the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction’s decision making.

4. The fire at the landfill gives grounds to suspect it was arson. We appeal to the Prosecutor General to pay maximum attention to the investigation.

“Samopomich” faction expresses its readiness to provide support to the government in preparation and adoption of the necessary legislation.

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