The Government has prolonged the heating season to extend the reduced gas tariff period

The Cabinet has prolonged the heating season from October 1 to April 30, so that the citizens have the opportunity to pay for gas at reduced prices for a month longer. This was reported by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Victoriia Voytsitska after getting clarifications from the relevant minister.

During the heating season, the cost of a thousand cubic meters of consumed gas will be 3600 UAH (assuming consumption of up to 200 cubic meters per month). The rest of the time there will be the tariff of 7188 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

“Preliminary, the heating season was to end on April 1, but the government prolonged it for a month, thus the reduced gas tariff for the population will be valid for 7, not 6 months,” – explained the deputy.

However, according to the deputy, the heat in apartment buildings can be provided and turned off before or after the fixed heating schedule dates – it will depend on the temperature.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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