Government offers to oblige citizens to conclude contracts for the supply and transportation of gas on their own – Babak

The bylaws to the adopted in April law “On gas market” provide that each consumer is to individually conclude contracts for the supply of gas with the gas supplying companies and for its transportation with the operator of the gas distribution networks.

Moreover, there is going to be a separate service in apartment buildings – maintenance of intrahouse gas supply networks.

This was reported by a deputy of the “Samopomich” faction, Aliona Babak, following the discussions of the risks from the implementation of the new law with the head of theNational Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities, Dmytro Vovk.

According to the MP, such innovations will overload the final consumer of gas by the great amount of contracts.

“Are the apartment owners ready to act individually as customers of services for the transportation of gas by distribution networks? And should the contract on maintenance of intrahouse gas supply networks be considered the third binding agreement in such a house? We believe that it is necessary to consider other possible options for the consumer to be able to choose – whether they want to conclude a contract for the transportation of gas by distribution networks on their own, or to give this right to a gas supplier who would control that the provisions of the contract are performed properly, as well as the very gas supply,” says Babak.

With regard to the maintenance of the intrahouse gas supply networks, “Samopomich” believes that this contract shouldn’t be signed with each individual apartment owner, but with an authorized person on behalf of the whole building.

“But the government bill № 3072 does not provide exhaustive information on that, therefore, we need further discussions and establishment of such a model of relations which will protect the final consumers,” she said.

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