Government should resign, but there is no sense in early elections – Oleh Bereziuk

Early elections will not stabilize the situation until the government manages to provide efficient administrative processes and protect the most vulnerable categories of the population. This was stated by MP, chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, during a meeting of the coordination board.

“Today, the fate of the country depends on the malignant political egocentrism of several people, it is the government of accountants and financiers who can count profits and losses but are not thoughtful of others. Can we call this political management of the state?” he said.

“The fate of this state is determined by people who delegate their powers to the authorities that have to manage the processes. These days, not so much under the influence of Brussels, as under the influence of numerous conversations with people in Mykolaiv, Odesa, Zhytomyr, I think about fate. About the fate of 86-year-old former university associate professor who came to tell how he survives with two thousand hryvnias per month and how he fears to fall ill. The fate of 90-year-old teacher in Sumy region whom the neighbors had to bury in a coffin made from the floorboards taken from her house. The fate of a heroic woman, Nadia Savchenko, who is the fate of Ukraine, tortured just like Ukraine was tortured by the enemies,” said the MP.

“This Parliament has the coalition that steadily voted in favor of appointing the Prosecutor  General, of the amendments to the Constitution which destroy the state, of the budget. What kind of a self-centered game is it, when there is no way to appoint a new prime minister? State’s fate is in the hands of the Parliament which must work, and political self-centeredness must go back in time,” said the head of the faction.

“There is a proposal that is still relevant: the government should resign because it has lost its credibility, the Prosecutor General is to be replaced; but as for the early elections – there is no sense in them, because people do not want any elections. They see no sense in them, because in the result nothing will change, everything can repeat again,” concluded the MP.

Oleh Berezyuk
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