“Ukrnafta” is a malicious debtor to the Ukrainian people, Viktoriia Voitsitska

A year ago, the parliamentarians created legislative conditions for return of PJSC “Ukrnafta” under the state control and to return the multi-billion debt to the state budget.

Viktoriia Voitsitska together with other deputies sent a detailed instruction with a phased plan of actions to Yatsenyuk. The Prime Minister redirected this statement to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PJSC “Ukranfta”, Koboliev, who had full authority as for resuming control over the company and ensuring payments to the budget. However, the statement was deliberately ignored.

A year after, instead of successful reforming of the company, we have 18 billion UAH of artificially withdrawn funds and 10 billion tax debt.

Management of PJSC “Ukrnafta” has continued to drive the company into debt and, moreover, brazenly withdraw funds – the funds belonging to the Ukrainian people.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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