Ukraine needs a strategy to combat traffic death – Ihor Didenko

Road accidents death rate in Ukraine is one of the highest in the world; however, the government still does not have a coordinated policy to ensure road safety. The issue of elaboration of a concerted strategy in the form of creation of the National agency for traffic management and safety has become a topic of the round table meeting with the participation of “Samopomich” faction deputies, representatives of the EU mission in Ukraine, the National Police and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The experts who participated in the roundtable report that the problem is really rampant. In particular, speeding is a major cause of accidents, because of which up to 5000 people lose their lives each year, and the state suffers losses of 4.5 billion hryvnias. According to a representative of the Preventive Actions Department of the National Police, Vasyl Briantsev, 10 people lose their lives on the roads every day.

“It is necessary to establish an agency whose function is not only to develop programs on road safety, but also to coordinate local government activities,” said MP from the “Samopomich” faction, Chairman of the subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Road Safety, Ihor Didenko.

Such a public policy coordination body should become the first step towards the road safety of European standards.

Earlier, at the initiative of the deputies from the “Samopomich” Union faction the bill №4275 was registered. It aims to improve the regulating system in the sphere of traffic management and safety and to help preserve the lives of Ukrainians, who are killed and injured on the roads of Ukraine because of the lack of coordination in the work of executive authorities.

Ihor Didenko
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