Attempt to discredit “Samopomich” through the fake organizations in Zhytomyr

“Samopomich” political party reports that in Zhytomyr there is a primitive attempt to use the image of “Samopomich” to implement the political ambitions of some local politicians.

We inform that Evhen Kuznietsov, who filled Zhytomyr with his agitation using the name and logo of “Samopomich”, has no relation to either our political party or social organization of the same name.

It’s fake! And the best proof is that “Samopomich” is a movement developing in various perspectives – both as a political party and a public organization. “Samopomich” public organization in Zhytomyr is headed by Nataliia Chyzh, who has the full right to speak and act on behalf of our organization.

During the last year “Samopomich” in Zhytomyr has realized a large number of public and social projects, united many active Zhytomyr citizens who strive to develop their city, has gained popularity among the inhabitants of the city. The local oligarchs who have retained the power in the city for many years, plundering it not being punished, do not like this.

So they began to resort to attempts to discredit “Samopomich” in Zhytomyr, in particular by registering fake organizations with similar names and logos. The only thing we can say to them: do not waste money and efforts. People are wise and do not believe in your manipulations.

Political council of “Samopomich” Union

“Samopomich” Union leader Andriy Sadovyi

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