Law on provisional investigatory commissions is the key to the truth about Maidan shootings, military defeats and corruption schemes

In two years after the Revolution of Dignity and beginning of the war there have been no achievements in the course of investigations of either the crimes of Maidan, Ilovaisk pocket, Debaltseve tragedy or many other corruption offenses.

The prosecutor’s office has successfully sabotaged this all and it will continue this sabotage furtherly if Prosecutor General remains a part of political arrangements. It is likely to be so, since the appeals to create an independent commission which will select Prosecutor General by means of an open competition are not heard.

The Parliament has control functions and theoretically may carry out investigations itself. Why theoretically? Because provisional investigatory commissions are even provisioned by the Constitution, but in reality there is no legislative framework.

“These commissions are envisaged by the Constitution, they have the authority, in particular, to investigate even the crimes of the president. However, the legislation has not been elaborated so far, because many presidents blocked this process and it is clear why,” Yehor Soboliev said.

It must be mentioned that the process of drafting the law on provisional investigatory commissions has finally been launched. According to the deputy chairman of the faction, the new speaker of the Parliament has to offer Oksana Syroid to lead inter-factional consultations on development of this law.

“This will give answers to many questions: starting from customers and executors of Maidan murders, ending with investigations of corruption scandals and military defeats,” Yehor Soboliev said.

Yehor Sobolev
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