In the Verkhovna Rada there will be a Commission on Future

The Commission on Future has been established in the Parliament. 228 MPs voted for the decision today.

The initiator of creation of a futuristic commission is “Samopomich” Union deputy Oleksiy Skrypnyk. As the MP said, both officials and representatives of the scientific and public communities will be engaged to the work of the commission.

“Today, we are constantly engaged in patching up holes in our boat, but we do not have a strategic plan, where the ship must sail. Therefore, most of the laws are of tactical, sometimes operational nature, said Oleksiy Skrypnyk.

The new commission, in his opinion, should be a platform for discussing the issues of strategic development of Ukraine, which will make possible the dialogue about the future of the country.

“A simple example: most people are confident in the prospects of IT technologies. But this century will be not the century of IT, but of biotechnology – food, fuel, products and health. Creation of bioparks means transfer of technology, public investment, science, agriculture,” says the deputy.

In addition, one of the directions of the Commission on Future, according to Oleksiy Skrypnyk, is the development of scientific cooperation in the military sphere.

Oleksii Skrypnyk
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