“Samopomich” headquarters reported on how the morning of the voting day started

Voting in local elections has started in Ukraine. However, there are some serious problems in Mariupol, Krasnoarmiisk and other cities.

This was reported by Oleh Lavryk, the Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” Union” faction.

“In particular, Territorial Electoral Commission of Mariupol is not accepting the ballots printed in contravention of the law. The number of ballots printed in the printing house is much higher than the number of voters. PEC members are still at their electoral districts, but voting is possible at neither of them,” he said.

According to the MP, an even worse situation is in Krasnoarmiisk: the ballots were delivered there at 5.30 am, but the TEC did not vote for their transfer to the PEC due to the fact that the ballots are printed in contravention of the law.

“The next meeting of the TEC is scheduled today at 8 pm. PEC members left the electoral districts,” stated the deputy.

He also reported that in Kharkiv at the electoral district №631565 the seal had been stolen, the police and the TEC had arrived at the site.

“In addition, at night at another polling station №631566 in Ordozhnikidzevskyi district (318, Moskovskyi Prospect), the voting protocols had been signed before the elections started. By 9 am all these protocols had been cancelled; the electoral district is under a special control of observers now,” he said.

Oleh Lavryk
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