“Samopomich” reminded Yatsenyuk of the need to revise the tariffs

Energy tariffs are not reasonable and therefore they need revision.

This was reported by Chairman of the “Samopomich” faction Oleh Bereziuk.

“In a month the heating season begins, and the tariffs have not been revised. Together with the experts we have proved that the government’s tariffs are not valid. The working group led by Aliona Babak has long ago handed over their findings. Today we call upon the Prime Minister to answer when the  recalculation will be made,” he said.

The MP notes that he doesn’t argue that the tariffs are inflated or underestimated, but he refers to the conclusion of the working group established in the spring by the Verkhovna Rada – there is no justification for charging tariffs.

“This means the failure and the lack of tariff policy as such. And we want to see a real explanation, instead of absurd claims about the absence of certain indicators influencing the cost of gas, electricity and heat. If there are no explanations and arguments, it is necessary to recognize this and to recalculate everything properly,” he stressed.

Oleh Berezyuk
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