“Samopomich” initiates the creation of Provisional investigatory commission on sabotage in solving crimes against Maidan activists

A decree on the creation of the Provisional investigatory commission on the results of the investigation of crimes against Maidan has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada. This was reported by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Olena Sotnyk.

“It’s been more than a year, but neither the Interior Ministry nor the Prosecutor General’s Office managed to conduct impartial and full investigations into these events and find the guilty of mass crimes that took place from November 2013 to February 2014,” she says.

The deputy noted that the authors of the decree had faced the reluctance of the apparatus to register the document already at the stage of handing it in.

“Then there will be the committee and consideration on the hall of the parliament. We hope that MPs will be wise enough not to hinder the process because inaction and ineffective in this issue are a crime, and we have to name reasons, perpetrators and make this process start,” stressed the MP.

In the report of the International Advisory Group of the Council of Europe the MPs want to check the facts that indicate the senior officials’ hindering the objective investigation of crimes against Maidan activists. And in the case of confirmation of sabotage – to bring the perpetrators to justice.

We shall recall that the issue of sabotage in investigation of crimes against the activists of Maidan has been raised repeatedly at the meetings of the Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption. The lack of results in these cases was one of the key reasons for the “Samopomich” deputies’ initiation of the resignation of former Prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema, and the posing of the question of Arseniy Avakov’s resignation.

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