In Kryvyi Rih there are signs of a possible falsification of the mayoral election results – “Samopomich” headquarters

According to the parallel vote tabulation, suspicious results emerge which indicates massive fraud in one of the districts of ​​Kryvyi Rih.

In particular, in the ​​Inhuletskyi district of the city Yuriy Vilkul, a candidate for the position of mayor, with an abnormally high voters turnout won 4,060 votes more than his opponent, which makes up for his loss in all the other districts.

“In Kryvyi Rih supporters of the “Russian world” and Ukrainian corruption have blatantly rigged the election results. Having lost in Dnipropetrovsk, ex-regionals hurled all effort into Kryvyi Rih. The “Samopomich” candidate, Yuriy Myloboh won in the six districts of the city. Inhuletskyi district of Kryvyi Rih showed an abnormally high voters turnout and the electoral commission’s legerdemain. As the result – Yuriy Vilkul has 600 votes more,” said Semen Semenchenko, a deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction.

However, “Samopomich” intends to defend the results of its candidate and encourages the citizens  to go to the rally to support him.

“We will allow no rigging. Samopomich will defend their results and people’s right to normal life. The residents of Kryvyi Rih, those who do care, get ready to defend your choice. We will fight in commissions, courts and in the streets. The place and time of assembling will be announced in the morning,” said Semenchenko.

Semen Semenchenko
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