In Kropyvnytske a city council deputy got into intensive care due to administrative pressure

Following an unsuccessful attempt in alliance of convenience with the “Opposition bloc” on Tuesday, July 26, by Kropyvnytske Mayor Andriy Raikovych to appoint a former “Party of Regions” deputy, Natalia Dziuba, a deputy mayor, there is going to be another attempt to do this today, at a regular meeting of the city council session.

To get the necessary number of votes, representatives of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc “Solidarity” and “Opposition bloc” resort to exercising pressure on the deputies, to threating and blackmailing. The representatives of “Samopomich” are suffering this as well since they have taken a principled stand – not to support the appointment of a representative of the Yanukovych regime.

A day before the vote, when the “Samopomich” Union” faction officially announced that it would not support the coming back to power of the former “Party of Regions” members, the majority of which are today representatives of the “Opposition bloc”, our deputies began to receive calls persuading them to vote for Natalia Dziuba. On the day of the vote one of the deputies –head of a public utility company – was blatantly threatened by representatives of the “Opposition bloc” to be dismissed from office unless he voted for their candidate. As a result, the deputy had high blood pressure, and he was taken to an intensive care unit with hypertensive crisis and could not attend the session.

In the end, Natalia Dziuba lacked one vote to be appointed.

21 deputies voted “for” (“Our Land” – 7 votes, “Hometown” – 3 votes, “Opposition bloc” – 5 votes, “Petro Poroshenko Bloc” – 3 votes, “UKROP” – 1 vote, 1 vote – from a non-affiliated deputy, 1 vote – from the mayor, Andriy Raikovych).

According to the results of voting for Natalia Dziuba, whom Andriy Raikovych personally asked to support, it can be concluded that he has failed to create a new majority in the city council with a part of Petro Poroshenko Bloc, “Our Land”, “Hometown” and “Opposition bloc”. At the same time because of the alliance with the former “Party of Regions” members the mayor has destroyed the democratic majority which existed before.

After the failure vote on the issue Andriy Raikovych adjourned the meeting of the session, after which the representatives of the “Samopomich” Union” faction together with representatives of other democratic political forces decided not to return to the session hall in protest against such personnel policy of the city authorities. Due to the lack of quorum the mayor was forced to adjourn the meeting.

Today, 28 July, the deputies will continue their work at the second meeting of the fourth session of the city council. The day before, in spite of the health status of the “Samopomich” deputy, representatives of the “Opposition bloc” and mayor Andriy Raikovych himself once again resorted to applying pressure on our deputy requiring his presence at the meeting and his voting for the appointment of Natalia Dziuba.

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