Program of support for condominiums adopted in Dnipro

At a regular session of the city council the deputies voted for the program of support for condominiums in Dnipro. Deputies from different factions and civil society activists had been working on the program. It is based on the best principles of such programs of support for condominiums in Lviv and Lutsk.

“This program is aimed at all existing and newly established condominiums. Its basic principle is co-financing. 3% or more of the amount claimed for repair is provided by people themselves, the rest is financed by the city. The program envisages an automatic queue. That is, among all the participants who submit their projects, those who provide a higher percentage of funding get higher in the queue,” says MP from the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleksandr Lyhin.

According to him, from now on condominiums will form the list of works needed to be done, will pay for the services, and check the works done on their own. In other words, these will be people, not the officials, who will control the timing and quality of works. Also, the program provides for the repayment of interest on loans in case a condominium participates in the state program for heat saving.

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