In any civilized country, the parliamentarian who gets involved in a corruption scandal has to resign – Yehor Soboliev

The parliamentarians who are suspected of involvement in corruption schemes and cannot provide proof of their innocence should resign. This is how Yehor Soboliev, MP from the “Samopomich” faction, chairman of the anti-corruption committee, commented on the refusal of deputies from the “People’s Front” faction, Maksym Poliakov and Yevhen Deidei, to attend public hearings of the committee on the issue of pressure applied onto the leadership of the “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” company.

“If a person is right and wants to make the case, he attends the meeting of the parliamentary committee at which there is a special public hearing on the issue organized. The refusal to come is self-explanatory. It is important what will happen next – we will control the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s investigation since they have the authority to investigate the case. I will make sure to talk to the anti-corruption prosecutor and director of the Bureau for this case to be under the parliamentary control,” said Yehor Soboliev.

“Such information must be conveyed to the voters. In any civilized country, the MP who gets involved in a corruption scandal, as well as the President, if he cannot provide proof of his innocence, must resign. If he does not resign, it is necessary to make lustration in the elections and not to vote for these people,” stressed the chairman of the committee.

The people’s deputy is convinced that the further struggle for the transparency of procurements will be more successful if the state inspection bodies are independent.

“State Finance Inspection or State Audit Service is an example that control cannot be exercised by the authorities which need to be controlled as well. All the regulatory authorities, as well as statistics, must be independent. The head of the audit service cannot be appointed by the Prime Minister, because then the former will always be a dependent person. Therefore, there is no trust in any audits so far,” he added.


Yehor Sobolev
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