It is deceptive to believe that changes to the Constitution of Ukraine can stop the war in Donbas – Vice-Speaker

To associate a constitutional process with a geopolitical one is primarily beneficial for Russia. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oksana Syroid on air of Channel 24.

“Through the formula of “a special procedure of self-government” for Donbas, Russia is seeking to legalize the militants and thus to conquer us from within,” she said.

She believes it is necessary to separate the constitutional process and the peace process.

“Of course – we need to seek peace. Any war should result in peace. But the Ukrainian Constitution should not be held hostage to the peace process,” said the Vice-Speaker.

The MP has noted that changes to the Ukrainian Constitution cannot influence the Kremlin, which is the only one to put an end to the war in Donbas.

“It is deceptive to believe that changes to the Constitution can stop the war. They cannot influence the Kremlin, which is actually a separate party to the conflict and will act as it wants, no matter what we do with the terrorists in Donbas,” she said.

According to the Vice-Speaker, the solution of the conflict must be sought where it was born (ed. in the Russian Federation), not where it appeared.

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Constitutional reform