Tender for engaging foreign companies in the management of the customs must be transparent – “Samopomich”

“Samopomich” deputies mention the resistance of the system to the transfer of the control over a number of Ukrainian customs to foreign companies. This was stated by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union, member of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy Tetiana Ostrikova.

“In accordance with the law on public procurement, such services of foreign companies really need to go through the procedure of tender procurement. The Chairman of the State Fiscal Service mentions a couple of companies that want to work for the Ukrainian customs. However, he doesn’t name these companies. The procedure and criteria for their selection remain unclear. This raises a question: could the things happening in the State Fiscal Service and the Ministry of Finance be, in fact, an imitation of the tender, taking place just to buy time. It seems that the State Fiscal Service uses this provision of law just to show that something is being done, though no result of that is seen as yet,” she says.

“Samopomich” deputies insist that the tender for selecting a foreign company to work at the customs must be public and transparent; clear selection criteria must be defined, as well as all the proposals and names of the foreign companies must be made public.

“When discussing this issue with the head of the Government, the Prime Minister announced the creation of a working group, which was meant to be in charge of its practical implementation. However, the deputies were never informed of the meetings of the group. Thus, the meetings were either not held or held behind the scenes, without any representatives of the Parliament,” emphasizes Ostrikova.

The MP says that the “Samopomich” faction has developed substantive proposals as to in which form and in which exactly procedures and operations the foreigners may be engaged.

“We have carefully studied the instructions of the World Customs Organization on this issue and other documents; have developed the most appropriate way to engage foreigners in control and monitoring over our customs officers, but not to engage them in control over the customs and to substitute the functions of the Ukrainian state. We have worked on a bill on amendments to the Customs Code concerning the experiment with a view to give the foreigners an access to the customs control zone and the relevant databases for their analysis,” she says.

Also, the MP stresses that the Government should remember that implementation of such an experiment is impossible without a coordinated work with the deputies, though now there is no such work.

Therefore, the faction demands the State Fiscal Service and the Government to make public the names of the companies and the conditions of the tender on transfer of customs control to foreigners, and to start working in a common working group that will be able to promptly prepare a regulatory framework for the implementation of the experiment.

We shall recall that after the Mukachevo events in July, “Samopomich” MPs initiated a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the ways of attracting foreign experts with a worldwide reputation and experience in the development of the institutional capacity of customs to the problem of corruption and smuggling.

As a result of the discussion, the head of the Government instructed to create a working group with representatives from the State Fiscal Service, officials and deputies.

Chairman of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasyrov earlier this week reported that four international companies had expressed their wish to control the Ukrainian customs. However, their names are not announced.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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