Taras Sitenko – Kernes’ main competitor, the candidate of “Samopomich” – is supported by other democratic forces

Pro-European democratic political forces supported the candidacy of Taras Sitenko from “Samopomich” to the post of Kharkiv mayor.

This was announced during a press conference held today at the Kharkiv branch of Gorshenin Institute.

“Fatherland” and “Civil Position” political parties and a number of public non-political organizations expressed their public support to Taras Sitenko as the highest-rated candidate of the democratic political forces.

According to social surveys conducted by Gorshenin Institute in Kharkiv in July, September and October (the last snap poll of 15 October), Taras Sitenko confidently occupies the second place in the mayoral election in Kharkiv and he is the highest-rated candidate from the pro-Ukrainian democratic forces.

“For the sake of the victory of patriotic forces in Kharkov it is very important for them to consolidate,” said the Chairman of the Kharkiv city organization of “Fatherland”, Liubomyr Hryhorets.

Yesterday Anatoliy Hrytsenko on behalf of his party voiced the support of “Civil Position” to Taras Sitenko.

“I understand that Kharkiv residents are under a lot of pressure now. If I were a resident of Kharkiv myself, I would support Taras Sitenko,” said Anatoliy Hrytsenko.

Hrytsenko has also emphasized that Taras Sitenko is a candidate from the democratic forces, who has real chances to win in the second round.

“Samopomich” Union” faction MP, Roman Semenukha, noted that the second round of elections of Kharkiv mayor could really happen and that would be very interesting.

“In the second round we may witness a real fight, on which the whole country will keep an eye,” said Semenukha.

He added that the representatives of “Samopomich” and “Fatherland” would conduct parallel vote count coordinating their actions.

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