Consistent campaign to discredit condominiums gaining momentum

Introduction of housing reform, in particular condominiums as a tool for effective management of property and money of owners of houses, doesn’t exclusively depend on the law, even if it is absolutely faultless. The very implementation of the law plays a crucial role; whether local authorities will promote the reform, or vice versa, will sabotage it in every possible way so that everything remains unchanged.

There are cities that do support the reform realizing that private companies that will work with the owners on equal competitive conditions mean quality and transparency. However, there are cities where the authorities want to preserve their financial and information monopoly, due to which huge amounts of money have been stolen through local building-utilities administrator offices, known as ZhEKs, during all these years. And if in the past the dirty methods were limited to intimidating aimed at stating that condominiums are very expensive, now we are facing outright blackmailing. Thus, the authorities in Dnipro have allocated huge funds from the budget in the amount of 600 million hryvnias for the houses that do not set up condominiums – showing in such a way that there will be money for communal ZhEKs, while there will be no money  for condominiums. A similar situation is in Ivano-Frankivsk.

“In Kharkiv, at people’s assemblies that take place near their houses some well-trained professional provocateurs appear; their aim is to disrupt such meetings and not to let people collectively decide to set up a condominium. Various blatant lies are being spread among people,” said MP from “Samopomich” Roman Semenukha.

“It is clear that destruction of artificial monopolies and creation of the market will inevitably reduce the cost of some utilities, and ultimately will improve their quality. But perhaps the authorities have no need in such a scenario, because it would deprive them of the possibility to command and apply administrative pressure on people through communal slavery. Awareness of freedom to manage their property and money makes people think absolutely differently. After all, the only source of power is the people. They form executive committees, they entrust through public hearings and their delegated representatives (deputies) to form certain utility companies. This obviously means the collapse of the system of slavery and outright robbery which has been operating for decades being “effectively” used by the so-called authorities,” notes Roman Semenukha.

Roman Semenuha
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