Weak and manual Association of Cities is a tragedy for the state – Sadovyi

“Strong state power bases itself upon a strong association of local governments, while a weak one wants to manage the latter manually and this is a tragedy for the state,” said Andriy Sadovyi at a meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

Today, January 23, during the meeting there was an actual appointment of the head of the organization.

To make Klitschko head the Association even the Statute was amended, because according to the current Statute, only a mayor with experience of no less than 4 years can become the head. The capital’s mayor has no such experience.

Incidentally, a similar situation occurred when his predecessor – Vilkul – was elected, the Statute was amended back then as well.

The very procedure of electing a new president of the Association was undemocratic, because the proposed alternative candidature was not even put to a vote.

Moreover, according to the participants of the forum, the Statute’s amending was carried out in an illegitimate way. Therefore, the legitimacy of the election of a new head of the Association is also doubtful.

Local government can be very powerful if it is steered in the right direction – the representatives of cities believe. “The Association of Cities used to be a strong structure, the government and the president would not just listen to the Association – they would truly rely on the Association in their work. Unfortunately, the Association has become very weak so far.

After all, the pressure which is applied to the local authorities nowadays is even greater than in the days of Yanukovych.

Andrij Sadovyj
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