Government’s task is to fulfil its duty and revise the tariffs – Syroid

The Parliament has done its job, having indicated to the Government the invalidity of the tariffs. Now it is the Government’s task to fulfil its duty and revise the tariffs.

This was reported by Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroid while in Zhytomyr.

She noted that the parliamentary working group had conducted an audit of how reasonable the tariffs were.

“Today, according to the results of the audit carried out by the working group, it is found that there are really grounds to state that the tariffs can and should be reviewed; since the Government has not provided the information that would prove their validity,” said Syroid.

The deputy noted that the Parliament couldn’t perform the Government’s duties.

“Therefore, in order to avoid the new, this time “communal Maidan”, the parliamentary working group will soon submit a coherent report. And the duty of the Government is to recalculate the tariffs, taking into account the quality of the services,” said Syroid.

Oksana Syroid
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