“Special confiscation must be irreversible,” Olena Sotnyk

“Recovery must be inevitable, firm and legally justified. So that none of the international courts, especially the European Court of Human Rights, could challenge a single word in the decisions of Ukrainian courts,” MP Olena Sotnyk posted on her Facebook page.

However, the authors of the first version of the bill, which was subjected to devastating criticism from the representatives of the Council of Europe and the EU Delegation, insist on their version.

According to Olena Sotnyk, the first version of the bill edited by MP Ivan Vinnyk makes it impossible to achieve all of the above stated goals, because the law is not aimed at creation of a permanent mechanism that could affect old corruptionists, as well as those present or future. It creates a serious threat of abusing, illegal seizures; it does not provide for a clear mechanism of either recovery of values or their further redistribution in the state budget; it creates a possibility of criminals’ revenge and rehabilitation of their illegally acquired capital through international judicial decisions.

“Moreover, the bill creates additional opportunities for criminals of Yanukovych regime – and for him too – to refer to the fact that allegedly the law might have been adopted specifically for a limited time to persecute these persons exclusively and this could serve as an argument of their being subjects to political repressions. And these will be the people of Ukraine who will have to account for such incompetent decisions of the authorities,” says Olena Sotnyk.

Olena Sotnyk
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