Today’s war is a continuation of the history, – Oleh Bereziuk

The scenario in the East of Ukraine confirms that we shouldn’t make any arrangements with Russia. This is the view of the “Samopomich” Unin faction. As Chairman of the faction Oleh Bereziuk notes, the history states that Russia is a primordial enemy of Ukraine.

“With no exception, all the Soviet propaganda of “friendship and brotherhood”, in fact, resulted in a huge number of victims in Ukraine. All the Galician elderly people for whole their lives were telling the simple truth: Moskal, Russian occupant cannot be trusted. And now we are witnessing the confirmation of the age-old folk wisdom,” – he added.

The deputy notes that the today’s war is a continuation of the history. After all, Russia has always used the war to preserve its integrity.

“It is using the war to preserve its statehood,” – says Bereziuk.

He also stresses that it is important to recognize the territories that Ukraine lost due to the military aggression of Russia – as the temporarily occupied ones.

“We are actually in a state of war. The territories that Ukraine lost due to the military aggression of Russia should be recognized as the temporarily occupied territories. And we have to do our bit: to protect soldiers and rebuild the country,” – says the MP.

To do this, according to “Samopomich”, we have to immediately start building a powerful military-industrial complex and have qualitative and RESPONSIBLE state governance.

“The enemy understands force only, so we must be strong,” – concluded the Chairman of the faction.

Oleh Berezyuk
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