Soboliev asks the public to help protect the lustration law

Yehor Soboliev, Deputy Chairman of the “Samopomich” faction urges the public to come to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine next Thursday, April 16, in order to protect the lustration law.

He said this during a briefing at UCMC. According to him, right from the first days of the adoption of the Law “On power cleansing” a campaign to discredit it was launched.

“The first attempt was made by Yuliia Liovochkina, who tried to criticize the law with the help of the Venice Commission. However, thanks to our consultations with the VC experts, we managed to turn them into supporters of lustration,” said Soboliev.

Now these are Serhiy Liovochkin and other representatives of the Yanukovych’s regime who want to cancel the lustration law with the help of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

“The representatives of external intelligence, which was the analytical center of the FSB during Maidan, the very judges and former Party of Regions deputies from the Opposition bloc addressed the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. Unfortunately, we have to admit that it is likely that the Constitutional Court of Ukraine will repeal the law, since still 12 out of the 17 judges are Yanukovych’s people too,” said the deputy.

He urged people to come to the building of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on April 16 at 9:00  not to allow the representatives of the criminal regime to regain the right to govern the country.

Yehor Sobolev
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