Investigative services in a number of crimes will be transferred from the Prosecutor General’s Office to the new Bureau of Investigation – Sotnyk

Adoption of the bill on the State Bureau of Investigation is a precedent for the creation of the first professional and independent from the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigative body.

This was reported by a deputy of the “Samopomich” faction, one of the initiators of this law, Olena Sotnyk.

“Having adopted this law, the Parliament took a step towards destruction of mutual covering-up system when law enforcement officials cover their fellow colleagues. Now the state has an instrument of investigation of crimes committed by police, judicial and military officers,” said the deputy.

In addition, the law reforms the powers of the Prosecutor’s Office – investigative services in a number of crimes are transferred to the State Bureau of Investigation.

The Prosecutor’s Office becomes a civilized body representing the prosecution in court and being in charge of the procedural aspects of investigation,” she says.

Also, the law clearly states that at least half of the detectives must be persons not previously involved in law enforcement.

The MP says that now the task of parliamentarians and the public is to monitor the process of creating the State Bureau of Investigation.

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