Semenchenko encouraged Kryvyi Rih residents to come to the city executive committee to prevent the elections rigging

This was written by MP Semen Semenchenko, who is now in Kryvyi Rih, on his Facebook page.

“If you are sick and tired of corruption, nepotism and lawlessness, the “stability” promised by the Party of Regions, if you want to give the city hope, a chance to develop, then defend your choice. On November 17 at 6 pm at the entrance to the building of the Kryvyi Rih executive committee there will gather those who do care,” wrote the deputy.

Semenchenko also mentioned about possible attempts to obstruct the peaceful rally. For example, in the morning next to the building of the executive committee some empty trucks have been parking. Besides, the ex-regions are planning to bus some workers of local plants in the evening to “protect the executive committee”.

“It’s not about Vilkul or Myloboh, it is about justice,” summed up Semenchenko.

On Sunday, in Kryvyi Rih there was the second round of mayoral elections after which the city TEC in record time, at night, recognized the representative of Opposition Blok, Yuriy Vilkul, as the “winner” not having investigated the complaints concerning fraud filed by the candidate of “Samopomich”, Yuriy Myloboh. “Samopomich” pending the investigation of the complaints on November 17 is preparing the materials for trial.

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