On detention of a “Samopomich” deputy of the Lviv regional council, Vasyl Savchyn

July 29 we learned from the media about the arrest of a “Samopomich” deputy in the Lviv regional council, a surgeon, Vasyl Savchyn, who is accused of taking a bribe. “So far we are not aware of any circumstances of the incident, apart from those made public in the media. We are waiting for more information and then we will make a decision as for our further actions,” says a statement of the “Samopomich” Union central office.

“Vasyl Savchyn is a very authoritative and unique surgeon, combustiologist who has saved thousands of lives after the burns. Thanks to his credibility and international contacts the city and region hospitals have been backed by international organizations with millions of dollars. Therefore, we do not rule out an attempt of setting him up and discrediting.

Today medicine exists not due to the state support, but against the backdrop of its absence, it can only count upon patients and doctors. There are many crisis situations, when there are no medicines and no necessary tools. Each of us has experienced this. If this is the case, then with such an approach every second doctor and patient might be arrested, after all they are guilty as well,” said chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction in the Lviv regional council, Inna Svystun.

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