A claim filed to the court to prohibit Pushylin’s party

Deputies of the “Samopomich” faction have files a claim to the District Administrative Court of Kyiv in connection with the inaction of the Ministry of Justice with respect to the party of a militant leader Pushylin.

This was reported during a briefing by deputies of the faction Olena Sotnyk and Ruslan Sydorovych who are the claimants.

“The party of Pushylin is currently registered and can run in the local elections. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Justice has not carried out a single examination on the anti-state activities of this organization and its leadership,” stated Sotnyk.

Deputies note that letting the party of Pushylin participate in the local elections is opening them the way to participate in the by-elections to the Parliament.

“Institutional failures of the executive power sometimes go beyond all bounds. Actually, in a day or two, here, in the Verkhovna Rada, there may appear legitimate representatives of the militants. This is a complete blasphemy against our citizens and our soldiers who have given their lives for the preservation of independence of our country,” said Sydorovych.

“Samopomich” deputies are convinced that the lawsuit should be considered as soon as possible, efficiently and to the point.

“We expect the court judgement to be delivered quickly and efficiently. As a result, Pushylin and his “companions in arms” will not be allowed to participate in the local elections and work for the breakup of the country,” said the MP.

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