“Samopomich” addressed the National Anti-Corruption Bureau in the matter of construction of the “Wall” at the Russian-Ukrainian border

A “Samopomich” MP, Olena Sotnyk, together with her colleague Roman Semenukha and the representatives of other factions sent a deputy’s appeal to the leaders of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, the Security Service and the Ministry of Defence with a requirement to conduct a thorough inspection of construction of the “Wall” fortification at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

September 5, 2014, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk presented the project on rearranging the state border of Ukraine with the Russian Federation called “European Wall” which was supposed to be a kind of fortification made of concrete barriers, control strips, alarm systems and ditches to prevent penetration of enemy military equipment into Ukraine.

The project was supposed to be a strategic one and had to ensure peace and security of citizens and demonstrate the sustainability of the Ukrainian border, first of all to the European community.

However, two years after the start of construction and Yatsenyuk’s proclamation of the ambitious statements, “Samopomich” deputies decided to check out the state of affairs.

Having visited Kharkiv region Olena Sotnyk showed the photos of the so-called “Wall” from the construction site, and, in fact, this “Wall” turned out to be a metal wire fence covered with barbed wire.

“Moreover, May 14, 2015 the Cabinet approves another action plan for engineering and technical rearrangement of the Ukrainian-Russian state border, and the areas adjacent to the areas of the ATO and the Crimea. “As of today, nearly 164 million hryvnias have been spent for the construction of the “Wall”. Thus, since May 2015 in the same areas of Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions which border with the Russian border, two projects, which in their essence and content are identical and for which state funds are simultaneously allocated, have been implemented,” states deputy’s appeal.

Therefore, the MPs demand the regulatory authorities to check the performance of the two identical projects at the border with Russia, to check whether the quality of work performance and the purchased equipment meets the technical characteristics claimed in the framework of the projects and to conduct a comprehensive audit of the public funds spent.

Olena Sotnyk
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