“Samopomich” will bring a court action for violations during the vote count

On November 18 in the Inhuletskyi district electoral commission on the third attempt the vote recount was carried out at one of the voting stations.

We shall recall that the recount was carried out in accordance with the decision of the Kryvyi Rih city electoral commission, which settled only one of more than 20 complaints about large-scale fraud filed by the “Samopomich” Union candidate for the position of mayor, Yuriy Myloboh.

Despite the fact that the recounting was to start at 8 am, it began in the evening at 6 pm. Moreover, the observers from “Samopomich” were not allowed to take pictures and videos of the process.

“The breaks in the work of the commission were made with the sole purpose of finding out at which voting station they could afford vote recounting,” said MP Yaroslav Markevych, who is now in Kharkiv.

“Samopomich” Union’s lawyers have drawn up several acts on violations recorded during the recount. In particular, all the ballots were in the room with no limited access, the bags with the ballots were sealed improperly. Moreover, the observers were not allowed to see the lists of voters at this voting station.

“The complaint about this very voting station was that the people who were not registered there voted there anyway. And the Commission has just carried out a recount not allowing the observers to study the lists of voters,” said Markevych.

Today “Samopomich” will file a suit in the Dnipropetrovsk District Administrative Court regarding these violations and will hold a press conference in Dnipropetrovsk with the participation of lawyers and leaders of the regional organization of the “Samopomich” Union.

Ярослав Маркевич
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