“Samopomich” requires the Prime Minister to appoint the First Deputy Minister of Economy

“Samopomich” requires the government to urgently carry out personnel appointments necessary for the implementation of reforms. Despite the fact that two months ago, the Cabinet decided to appoint Oleksandr Borovyk to the post of the First Deputy Minister of Economy, the Prime Minister has not signed the corresponding order as yet.

This was reported by deputies of the “Samopomich” Union faction Olena Sotnyk, Yaroslav Markevych and Oleksiy Skrypnyk during a briefing.

The deputies noted that such an irresponsible attitude to personnel matters reduced the efficiency of performance of the department responsible for economic development.

“The fact that for six months already the Minister has been working without a first deputy is the institutional omission. Mr. Borovyk is a highly qualified person from Harvard with the work experience in companies with a turnover of over $ 1 billion. He came from abroad to apply his knowledge and management skills for the benefit of Ukraine. Why is the government neglecting such staff – remains unclear,” said Olena Sotnyk.

“Samopomich” deputies noticed that wasn’t the only case of the delayed appointment.

“Until now, in spite of the Coalition agreement, the First Deputy Prime Minister for Defence has not been appointed. And in the context of war we do not have a person responsible for the development of arms and military-industrial complex,” said Oleksiy Skrypnyk.

The MPs urged the Prime Minister to immediately correct these omissions in human resources policy and sign the necessary decisions of the government.

Oleksii SkrypnykOlena Sotnyk
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