“Samopomich” requires a post-audit at customs

The government’s step in the matter of removal of the State Fiscal Service leadership is belated. This was stated by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Tetiana Ostrikova.

The MP says that the leadership of the tax police and customs even after Euromaidan failed to ensure changes in the system, to eliminate corruption schemes.

“In particular, there are no sentences in criminal cases on the activities of conversion centers and activities of fictitious companies that were used by criminal power. Instead, the tax agency has been exerting pressure on the legal taxpayers all the time,” – says Tetiana Ostrikova.

The deputy noted that corruption remained at customs as well.

“With the consent and permission of the customs authorities the so-called privileged importers continue to operate. They import goods with a substantial undervaluation. For example, they declare smart phones for $ 57, while their real price is $ 570,” – she says.

Therefore, emphasizes the MP, the state continues to receive less from the great sums from import VAT and duties into the budget.

“Since December, I have been sending numerous requests to the State Fiscal Service. But in the end – there is no reaction, no inspections appointed, no punishment for those responsible. So now we demand to immediately conduct inspections       under procedure of a post-audit of these troubled importers,” – she summed up.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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